Shark Infested Sketchbook

Here are some studies of various sharks from one of my sketchbooks. I’ve been interested in sharks since I was a kid, probably due to growing up in the 70s and 80s and seeing them portrayed as the “bad guys” in various Bond films and, of course, the “Jaws” movies. Sharks often get bad press when in reality they are some of the most beautiful, and interesting creatures on the planet.

As it transpired I woke up one morning and felt an overwhelming need to spend some time in the presence of some sharks. Sometimes it’s as straight forward as that. So after an uneventful train journey I found myself at London’s Sea Life Aquarium getting pretty excited about the prospect of seeing some glorious Elasmobranchs in action. It would be tempting to pretend that I just sat there and sketched the sharks as they swam past, but I decided that the most efficient way of using my time at the Aquarium would be to take as much video footage as I could, this way I would be able to study the movement of the sharks and have access to a huge number of poses for drawing purposes.

The drawings you see here were carried out in the studio whilst referencing the video footage, and are made up of studies of Brown Sharks, a type of Requiem shark closely related to the more aggressive Bull Shark, and Bonnet Heads, a type of Hammerhead Shark with a less pronounced hammer shaped head.

These drawings were scanned and then redrawn using Mischief (a vector based drawing application).